Founding President and Chairman

Mary Dominica Jeny Ebenezer

In the year 1998, the Lord instilled a heavy burden to start DAYS of Christ ministry. It was mainly due to the encouragement of my dad (late) Mr. Premchand, the organization was registered in the year 2002. 

My walk with Lord started at the young age of 5. My mother Mrs. Kency Premchand and my pastor at that time, Pastor (late) G. Sundaram were the key people who were my inspiration to have a burden for the perishing souls. I was filled with the Holy Spirit at the age of 9, and ever since, I have been serving the Lord with fire in my bones with truth and faithfulness. 

I always believe that God is the one who rewards all our diligent efforts, and we have to live a life pleasing to Him alone and give Him all the glory and honor and praise. 

Our goal is to bring people to the knowledge of the love of Jesus and help them to walk in the life He has promised with freedom from sin, sickness and bondage. God has blessed us with a great team of like-minded visionaries. All glory to God.  

"We must give ourselves a way to find ourselves. That is our call."

Director of Global Relations

Joseph Prem Ebenezer

Mr. Joseph Ebenezer is from a family of ministers of the Lord. He is a passionate man of God. He loves the Lord with all his heart and has a huge burden for the souls.

Joseph has served the Lord from the time he has been in high school and has been one of the Board of Trustees ever since Days of Christ was created and registered.  

While working full time as a service manager in the oil and gas industry, he also leads an International Community Group  at his church in Houston, Texas.

Joseph is a spirit-filled and full- gospel believer. Joseph was mostly raised by his grandparents who were in ministry. 

He has a very tender heart and at the same time when he sees someone hurting he becomes a roaring lion to defend them. He has a call to serve the Lord around the nations of the World. 

"Wherever you are and whatever you do, do it unto the Lord and for His Glory alone."

Director of Missions

Rev. Grislie M

Rev. Grislie has worked as a Presbyter for 12 years. He is a true and sincere man of God who believes that the word of God is all one needs to live a life pleasing to Him (God the Father, God the Son Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit). 

Rev. Grislie is the youngest son of Mr. Mari Muthu and Late Mrs. Merlin. In obedience to the Lord’s voice, he resigned his job as a presbyter in February 2016 to become a missionary. He is committed to take on this journey, let come what may to serve God faithfully. He does not get moved by what people speak or think, he is only moved by the Holy Spirit. 

Grislie is very hard working, sincere and a true spirit filled man of God. Grislie’s mother has taught him from a very young age to serve the Lord faithfully in every area of life, right from his very young age. 

His grandfather was a great missionary in his village and in his death-bed blessed Grislie to continue on his ministry for the Lord. And his grandfather’s vision and prayer has come true in his life. He is working with a vision to reach the unreached places as the Lord leads.      

"We're watching India crying out for the touch of God and we're answering this call.."

Intercession Coordinator- International

Princy Manoj

Prayer and intercession is the back bone of every ministry. Ms. Princy Manoj and Mrs. Kency Premchand  are strategic members of our team and faithful in praying for people and standing in the gap. 

These women of God are people of prayer who do not give up till they have seen answers to their prayers. They are assisted by a team of intercessors from around the world.

Princy is a mother of 3 beautiful children, she comes from a family of intercessors, her husband serves the Lord with her. She is a worship leader and an awesome singer and currently lives in Plano, Texas. 

She has served the Lord from her college days. She is a spirit-filled person who believes the word of God completely. She has a zeal to set the captives free and lead them to freedom and deliverance in the Lord.    

"Intercession is the core reason behind every answered prayer."

Intercessory Coordinator - India

Kency Premchand

Mrs. Kency Premchand has been serving the Lord faithfully for the past 34 years. She is a strong woman of faith to all that know her and a great warrior in the Lord.  She has an attitude of never giving up and that God will always see us through in all situations. 

Mrs. Premchand is well versed in the Word of God and walks in several gifts of the Holy Spirit. She specializes in deliverance ministry through which people bound in witchcraft, curses, sickness, depression etc. are set free by experiencing the powerful and tangible presence of the Lord. 

She is an incredible intercessor as she can spend hours in the presence of God praying for people. She gives herself and her time selflessly to bless and train people in faith. She loves the Lord with all her heart, mind, soul and strength.      

"Life in Jesus Christ is filled with freedom, joy and happiness which this world can never give."